English Whisky Co Chapter 13 (2nd Release)

As each year passes whisky lovers face increasing choice on what to fill their glass with before toasting England’s patron saint on St George’s Day.

This year I have chosen a dram from the distillery that (re)started whisky in England – The English Whisky Company‘s St George’s Distillery. Restarted of course, because until the late 19th century there were a number of distilleries in England. After over a hundred years of no English representation on the world whisky map, St George’s distillery opened in Norfolk in late 2006, producing a number of different expressions available as “chapters” as the spirit matures.

This second release of Chapter 13 is a limited edition bottled to mark St George’s Day 2014, and carries a commemorative label. Chosen through competition, the winning entry created by Emma Garner features quintessential icons of England – tea, Big Ben, top hats.

Colour & First Impressions

A light-mid amber which suggests at least some ex-sherry cask maturation.


Initially sweet, warm and spicy. Lots of brown sugar, vanilla and a hint of cinnamon. Some dried fruit and a wood influence that brings more spice. Crème brûlée and a faint hint of other delightful desserts.


Lots of caramelised sugar and rich dried fruit on the palate – rum and raisin toffee. Warm spice and butter, cinnamon rolls.

Finish & Final Impressions

The woody spice notes dry out for a light finish – perhaps not as climatic a finish as the palate may have suggested, but it certainly has you pouring another glass rather quickly!


  • Bottle 0484 of 1499
  • Bottled at 45% ABV
  • No colouring
  • Non chill-filtered

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